5 Tips to Choose Decorative Hanging Lights

23 December 2020

In recent times, contemporary designs have widely configured the pendant model. When you go shopping for pendant lights you’ll have plenty of them to choose from. Read on 5 tips that help you make the right buy.

  1. Decide your goal

Start by considering the characteristics of the space where the pendant light will be hung. Take the following factors into account.

  • Size of the space
  • Height of the ceiling
  • The amount of natural light the space receives
  • The adequacy in light output from the pendant
  • The vernacular architecture of the pendant fitting with the remaining part of the room
  • The method of blending the pendant or making it dangle like a statement piece
  1. Take note of the proportion

It’s essential that you pay heed to the proportions of the space where a pendant will be suspended. Decorative hanging lights aren’t suitable for a small space having a low ceiling. On the contrary, amid a vast space with sufficiently high ceilings, a small pendant light in proximity will be lost in effect. It will neither layout a correct proportion nor will it provide enough light.

If the room is small and has a low ceiling, a bijou pendant with a minimal fall can work. Conversely, to provide uniform, ambient lighting within a stairwell with an appreciable height from the floor to ceiling, you need an imposing yet slender pendant with a considerable drop.

  1. Opt for a suitable design

Note that, light from pendants doesn’t necessarily fall down over a surface. Indirect pendant lights sweep the ceiling and walls as well by creating a general wash of illumination.

  1. Think about the light quality

Two elements that determine light quality are color temperature and color rendering. The warmth of light emitted from a source is perceived by an individual as a color temperature. It ranges from warm in homes to cold in offices and commercial complexes.

The nature of the appearance of various colors under artificial light is estimated by color rendering. For decorative hanging lights, the parameter is measured on a scale of 100. Any score of more than 80 is ideal for home interiors.

  1. Go solo

A solitary pendant can create a beautiful, eye-catching feature. You need to be careful while placing any other lighting element together. Unless the additional lamp is smaller or belongs to the same range to match the feature pendant, both of them will start crying for attention.

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