5 Decorative Chandelier Styles to Illuminate Your Home

16 September 2019

Chandeliers are one of the most widely used light fixtures by homeowners. Over the years, there has been a significant upgrade in the styles and designs of chandeliers. Besides illuminating an area of your home, they also add curb appeal to a space. To make a big difference to the entire look of your home interior, installing a decorative chandelier can be a great choice. This blog outlines the trending chandelier options which you can choose to give a new dimension to your home interior.

Here are the decorative chandelier trends that you will love

Brass chandeliers:

When it comes to buying brass chandeliers, you can go for polished, burnished or aged look. To add an ancient touch to any room, install a brass chandelier or a beautiful patina. You can find brass chandeliers in a variety of contemporary styles to give a modern look to any room.

Copper chandeliers:

If you are looking for versatility in chandeliers to compliment any type of interior decor, install a copper chandelier in your home. As they are available in a variety of finishes, you can choose the one which is appropriate to give the desired look to your home. If you are fond of the natural look, pick a chandelier with pure copper and hammered finishes to decorate your home. To add a stylish touch to your home decor, use a satin copper chandelier.

Gold chandeliers:

Gold metal has got its own charm and will always be in demand in the marketplace. The excellent shine of brushed gold, yellow and rose tones can do wonders in illuminating your room. For a contemporary look, buy decorative chandelierr online in subtle designs with matte finishes in place of glossy ones.

Iron chandeliers:

To create a balanced look in your room, install a chandelier made of iron finishes. The iron frames of your chandelier and strong lines together result in a neutral background. This kind of contrast is an ideal choice if you like to maintain minimalism in interior. An iron chandelier is perfect to add illuminance to your living space without going overboard. The polished iron finish can never fail in adding sophistication to your interior decoration.

Mixed material chandeliers:

A decorative chandelier made of two or more materials makes your home decor stand out. Be creative in mixing and matching various materials such as natural wood, forged metal, glass cuts and fabrics to customize a chandelier totally different from others. Your preferred combination add aesthetics to your living space in different ways. Blend bronzed metal and pine or similar colored materials to create a chandelier which makes your home look elegant

Lighting acts as a key decorative element in home interior decoration. Once you install a wonderful decorative chandelier in your living room, dining room, bedroom or any other place, you can bring a significant change in the overall appearance of the space. Buy chandelier online according to your precise needs and preferences suited to your home theme to upgrade its entire look excellently.

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